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The Scam

scam smartSnopes, the self-proclaimed truther of internet rumors, is afraid to tell the truth about the religious kosher “tax” scam. Instead, they insult shoppers who investigate the kosher “tax” fee by saying they have “twisted minds” and that the extra cost is “miniscule.” And the so-called free market institute, FEE, calls inquiring shoppers “anti-Semitic,” and “hate groups,” and “Jewish-conspiracy” nuts— a statement that nowadays surely qualifies as “totally useless facts.”

But the kosher tax scammers themselves disagree: they say it’s plain fraud used “to deceive the unsuspecting, naïve public.” They can’t make it any plainer than that! Time magazine, in 1933, said rabbis salaries were running low, so the scammers solved the problem by “levying a tax.”

The kosher tax scam is clever. It forces 99 percent of shoppers to pay a tax for less than 2 percent of religious shoppers who want kosher food. We don’t think this is fair. If you’re not a religious person, or have a different religion, why should you pay extra for special rules of one religion?

One thought on “The Scam

  1. I’m looking for a list of foods that aren’t taxed by any Religious organizations . I feel that the general population should not be forced to support any Religious organizations , this should be by choice only , Period ! If you can help me with a link to my queries , it would be greatly appreciated . Thank you , David .

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