The Kosher Question

You can now save on your grocery bill! Take a look at this new website which aims to help non-kosher consumers with their purchases using their KosChertified App
Given the dominance of kosher-certified goods in our stores, should food manufacturers begin producing NON-Kosher-Certified (NKC) equivalents for those who do not follow dietary laws of this nature?
To accomplish this would require a new movement of consumer activism which raises awareness that not all people are kosher-keepers, and producers would need to run separate operations to respect and accommodate this. The end result could prove as a fair compromise that delivers food products with cost savings to the majority.

Belgium cancels Kosher slaughter, and the Jews are upset

Yes, the Kosher scam folks are upset because Belgium is cancelling the ugly Kosher slaughter of animals. It’s about time a government put a stop to this cruel method.

The head of the Brussels-based European Jewish Association (EJA), Rabbi Menachem Margolin, branded as ‘’dubious, unsetting, and running counter to evidence’’ decision by the Flemish Parliament to effectively ban Kosher meat slaughter in Belgium by January 2019. The Flemish Parliament voted by a large majority to ban slaughter without stunning by January 2019. The Parliament in Wallonia, the French-speaking region of Belgium,  is expected to follow suite with a vote in April.

What’s Up with the BIG “U”?

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YOU are supporting the killing in Gaza, like it or not!

There have been many stories from around the globe of people who have protested the slaughter of innocent children and civilians in Gaza because of the “collective punishment” inflicted upon the Palestinians by the Israelis. Perhaps, hopefully, you are a moral person also and object to this.While you may think that it is enough to voice your disapproval of these horrific acts in news threads or on blogs, you probably do not know that you have be forced to pay for the bullets, phosphorous bombs and mortar rounds that have be targeted on UN refuges, hospitals and schools in Gaza. NO? Actually, YES!

Every time you buy a product in the grocery store you are paying a portion of the price for that product to Israel so support the disgusting Zionist racism that is causing the carnage. It’s called the “Kosher Tax” but don;t let that name deceive you. It has nothing to do with the product being “kosher”… in fact, it is on such items as sanitary napkins, aluminum foil and even pork products! It’s an evil scheme to take your money, like it or not, and send it to support Israel’s genocide of the Palestinians. Just continue reading…

The “U” Tax!

© By Geraldo Fuentes (2014)

Get ready to be freaked out.

To some it is an old story, hardly newsworthy. To others it is evidence of a world conspiracy suggesting “the Mark of the Beast.” For me, it’s something quite frightening. It’s called “The Kosher Tax.”

According to the Official 2010 Census, there are approximately 6.5-million people in the USA who describe themselves as being ethnically Jewish. That’s a whopping 2.1% of the population. Of these 6.5-million, less than 25% admit to being Orthodox, attend Temple or are otherwise religious. That’s a population about the size of Philadelphia.

The 1.6-million Jews that observe traditions of the Torah and Talmud adhere to strict dietary laws that prohibit certain food combinations, methods of slaughter and eating certain “unclean” animals, such as pork and bottom-feeders like lobsters.

Food that meets these strict requirements must be supervised in its production by a Rabbi and only then will it be certified as “Kosher”. These foods are marked in a special way by affixing a Kosher symbol on the product’s label. The most common one in America is the letter “U” inside a circle, or the letter “K” — but there are many more.

Because food producers must hire the services of a Rabbi to inspect and verify that they comply with these strict regulations, organizations like The Union of Orthodox Jewish Congregations collect a fee for their services. This fee adds to the cost of producing the food, which is, of course, passed along to the end consumer as a so-called “Kosher Tax”.

So what? You don’t buy Kosher food — or do you?

Take a minute right now to check out your kitchen pantry or that bag of chips you’re munching. If you’re like me, you will be shocked to see that just about everything has one of these Kosher symbols on it. (Go ahead, I’ll wait for you to return…)

It seems that just about everyone in the USA — all 307,006,550 of us — are regularly buying Kosher food and paying this tax. That’s quite surprising, don’t you think?

Manufacturers claim that the increase in food prices due to this tax is “minuscule”, yet reports claim that the tax is levied on more than 400,000 products in 8,000 plants in 80 different countries. The Union (U) employs approximately 1,000 supervisors, mashgichim in Hebrew, and about 50 rabbinic coordinators. But they are not the only ones doing this. The next largest is Rabbi Bernard Levy’s “Committee For The Furtherance of Torah Observance” which uses the “K” symbol. Canadian Kosher products are stamped with the letters “COR” which stands for “Council of Orthodox Rabbis”. If you’re in another country, chances are they have a special organization collecting the tax and affix a special symbol on your food. Here’s a partial collection below.

In the 1920s the Union (U) started its operation. The H. J. Heinz Company’s Vegetarian Beans became the first product to be kosher certified by the Union in 1923. Today it’s hard to find a food item in the supermarket that doesn’t have one of these symbols.

Some more surprises!

What’s even more surprising is that some of the Kosher certified products are certainly NOT produced for Jews. Consider the Premium Relish for Pork [below]. What’s up with that? Remember, pork is a definite no-no for those keeping Kosher.

In researching this article I have found Kosher aluminum foil, Kosher soap pads, toilet cleaner, plastic wrap… the list of non-food items paying the Kosher tax goes on ad infinitum.

This is NOT about Jews! It’s about ZIONISM!

When I tried to get information about the tax I was told by some Jewish organizations that I was anti-Semitic and my question was some kind of hate crime. That’s the “ace up their sleeve” to discredit anyone who objects to the murderous policies of the Zionist regime. Hey, I’m Mexican-American and I’m the last one to single anyone out for their race. This is about a morality and I’d be questioning it if it were Irish Catholics or my own Latino people who were doing this.

The Jewish Anti-Defamation League even sent me a pamphlet, claiming that many non-Jews prefer products with the Kosher certification, believing that it assures them of hygiene and purity. So I thought I’d test this hypothesis by taking a stroll through my local Safeway supermarket and speaking candidly with some fellow customers.

Totally clueless!

My first shopper was buying olive oil. After I introduced myself, I asked if he knew what the circle-U symbol on the bottle meant. “No, I have no idea.”

In the next aisle, an elderly woman was buying some chocolate cake mix. Did she know about the circle-U symbol? “I really never noticed it before. What does it mean?”

This continued with dozens of random customers until I was approached by a member of Safeway’s customer service who likely thought I was soliciting in their store. “Can I help you with something, Sir?” Sure enough, not even she could explain what it meant. She was shocked to see it on everything and when I saw her a few minutes later, after she had checked the products in many different aisles, she said, “I’m going to go crazy now that you’ve shown this to me. It’s on everything. What does it mean?”

Only one customer came close. “Oh, the U… it means the company used union labor, I think.” Close, but as they say in America, no cigar.

Another thing that kind of defeats the argument that non-Jews prefer Kosher products is that product labels appearing in advertisements usually have the Kosher indicia airbrushed out, except in Jewish trade magazines, where they feature red arrows to draw attention to the Kosher symbol. Hmmm.

According to New York Orthodox Rabbi Schulem Rubin:

“Kosher doesn’t taste any better; kosher isn’t healthier; kosher doesn’t have less salmonella. You can eat a Holly Farm chicken which sells for 39 cents a pound on sale, and next taste a Kosher chicken selling for $1.69 a pound, and not tell the difference. There’s a lot of money to be made! Religion is not based on logic!”The Washington Post (November 2, 1987)

Billions of dollars? Do the math!

Back in 2003, Menachem Lubinsky, editor of Kosher Today, a New York-based newsletter, said the number of certified kosher products had soared from 16,000 in 1977 to 80,000, including such well-known food items as Oreo cookies. He said about a third of all supermarket items were certified kosher. In 2003, kosher foods comprised about $170 billion of the $500 billion in U.S. food sales.

That was then… this is now. Today the figures are shocking: Kosher certification is on over 400,000 food items, about 80% of the 1.508-trillion US dollars [*] spent on food and beverages annually! — source. Do the math… That’s some serious “minuscule” money!

Well, this is too weird. So I throw the question out to the public and seek an explanation. Why are 300-million non-Jews in America paying a tax that benefits a small, “minuscule” portion of the population. Perhaps there is a perfectly good answer — anyone?

Now, now…

Now some hateful people will claim that the money collected from this Kosher Tax is going to support the State of Israel. Many will have no problem with that, but some will. Before you get upset about this, the Anti-Defamation League’s pamphlet assures us that it is not. According to their pamphlet the money goes to the Rabbis who make the inspections and the dozens of organizations associated with the various Kosher indicia. I don’t know otherwise and apparently we have to take their word on this. But, wait a minute…

According to Wikipedia, The Union of Orthodox Jewish Congregations (U):

“…supports a network of synagogues, youth programs, Jewish and Religious Zionist advocacy, programs for the disabled, localized religious study programs, and some international units with locations in Israel and formerly in Ukraine.”

Religious Zionist are described by Wikipedia as follows:

“Religious Zionists are observant Jews who support Zionist efforts to build a Jewish state in the Land of Israel.”

Leaving that controversy for a moment, some interesting things have been in the news of late. Most significant was the charge by some Kosher authorities that Hebrew National Kosher Hot Dogs were — ready for this? — NOT Kosher!

June 18 (Reuters) – ConAgra Foods Inc has been sued by consumers who contend that hot dogs and other products sold under its Hebrew National brand are not kosher.The lawsuit alleges that meat processing services provided to ConAgra by privately held AER Services Inc fell short of the standards necessary to label Hebrew National products as kosher. As a result, they said, ConAgra misled consumers and was able to charge premium prices.

Eleven individual consumers filed their complaint in May in Minnesota state court. ConAgra moved the case this month to a federal court in St. Paul. The lawsuit was reported last week by American Jewish World, a publication based in Minnesota.

According to the complaint, Omaha, Nebraska-based ConAgra marks Hebrew National packages with a “Triangle K” symbol, and represents that the contents are kosher “as defined by the most stringent Jews who follow Orthodox Jewish law.

” But the plaintiffs said in the complaint that AER supervisors “did little or nothing” to address employee complaints that the meat processed for ConAgra was non-kosher. They also said Skokie, Illinois-based AER fired or threatened retaliation against those who complained.

ConAgra spokeswoman Teresa Paulsen said in a statement on Monday: “While we can’t comment on pending litigation, we stand behind the quality of Hebrew National and its kosher status.”

AER is not a defendant in the lawsuit. “The allegations in the complaint regarding AER are completely and utterly false,” Shlomoh Ben-David, AER’s president, said in a telephone interview. “There is no basis for them, and they are without any merit.”

ConAgra has long used the slogan “we answer to a higher authority” to promote Hebrew National products.

The plaintiffs are seeking unspecified damages and an injunction against further mislabeling. Their lawsuit seeks class-action status for U.S. purchasers of Hebrew National products over the last four years, and alleges negligence and violations of state consumer fraud laws.

“This is an invisible fraud,” Hart Robinovitch, a lawyer for the plaintiffs, said in a phone interview. “How does a consumer who thinks he is buying kosher meat really know he is buying kosher meat? It’s a very, very difficult thing for a consumer to detect, unless someone investigates.”

Other ConAgra brands include Chef Boyardee, Healthy Choice, Peter Pan and Reddi-wip, and are not part of the lawsuit.

ConAgra shares closed down 2 cents at $24.95 on the New York Stock Exchange.

The case is Wallace et al v. ConAgra Foods Inc, U.S. District Court, District of Minnesota, No. 12-01354.


Here’s a few more stories that will pique your interest.

Is there “meat” in Coca Cola?

Rabbi Tobias Geffen was an Orthodox Rabbi living in Atlanta — the home of Coca Cola. When he was asked by his congregation whether Coca Cola was Kosher, he approached the company and asked to see a list of ingredients. The exact formula for Coca Cola is one of the most guarded and secrets any company (second only to how much the U-tax costs), so this was a big problem.

In a brilliant decision, the manufacturers gave the Rabbi a list of ingredients which included the real ingredients, but also listed many other items not used in the making of the soft drink. The Rabbi was asked if anything on the list was a problem. According to The Jewish Virtual Library:

“When Geffen was given the list of ingredients, he discovered that one of them was glycerin made from non-kosher beef tallow. Even though a laboratory chemist told Geffen that the glycerin was present in only one part per thousand (one part in 60 is dilute enough to earn kosher certification), Geffen informed the Coca-Cola Company that, since this glycerin was a planned rather than accidentally added ingredient, observant Jews could not knowingly tolerate its inclusion. Coke failed to meet Geffen’s standards. Back at the company’s laboratories, research scientists went to work finding a substitute for tallow-based glycerin and discovered that Proctor and Gamble produced a glycerin from cottonseed and coconut oil. When they agreed to use this new ingredient, Geffen gave his hecksher, or seal of approval, for Coke to be marketed as kosher.” [source]

But the controversy, first revealed by the Kosher test, remains today. Consider this brochure from Burger King which describes their Coca Cola “Classic”, apparently reverting to the old recipe.

Source: http://www.rense.comWhat’s up with that? Meat in Coca Cola… tell me it isn’t so! Anyone?

Countries Ban Kosher Meat Because of Cruelty

When animals are slaughtered today, they are usually stunned with a metal bolt that is thrust against their skull, sometimes piercing it, and rendering them unconscious. That’s a good thing for the unfortunate animal because what follows is even worse. The animal has its throat cut and is hung up on a hook, skinned and disemboweled. You certainly wouldn’t want an animal to consciously face that horrible suffering. Not only is it bad for the animal but the release of adrenaline and other hormones associated with a painful death permeate the meat through the blood and, some say, can effect those who eat it.

But Kosher tradition requires that the animal NOT be stunned. Instead, it must be kept conscious and alive while it pumps its own blood out through its severed neck arteries and veins. Animal activists have deemed this practice cruel and have demanded that it be stopped.

Five European countries have banned Kosher killing methods [source] and the latest to join them is New Zealand. This has caused the Jewish community to claim that such acts constitute anti-Semitism and their refuting arguments begin by mentioning Hitler.

“One of the first steps in Adolf Hitler’s anti-Semitic drive in the creation of his Third Reich was instituting a ban on the kosher slaughter of animals. Today, as a new wave of ugly, and sometimes violent, anti-Semitism sweeps through the European continent, at least five countries have banned kosher food production, and one of them is considering halting all import of kosher meat.”

It’s a controversy that threatens the heart of Kosher tradition and practice. And it’s one that I will not even touch… and one that I’m sure will keep me awake with bad dreams tonight.

No Reply from the Big-U

I wrote to the Union (U) and asked them specifically about the aluminum foil and pork relish, but have not received a reply. Perhaps you can help.

The next time you go to your local supermarket, look around at who’s in there. It’s likely not Jews, Seventh Day Adventists, Hindus or other people, worried about their faith’s dietary laws. No, it’s hard working people trying to take care of their families in these difficult economic times. It’s people who have their own beliefs who expect others to leave them alone and not tax them each time they buy milk or cookies for their children. It’s people who would likely get angry if they thought they were contributing even a penny to a country with whose policies they don’t agree.

I put the question out there for someone to answer: Why would a manufacturer of things like aluminum foil or Pork relish feel obligated to be endorsed by such a “minuscule” population, making the majority of its customers pay a tax that has no relevance to them?… Just asking.

Now, back to my kosher Ravioli and kosher Dunkin Donuts coffee! Mmmmmmm!

We welcome opposing views and encourage anyone with answers to these questions to write us and we’ll publish responsible disclosures. If there is an explanation for this business practice then we’re anxious to hear it. We also don’t condone hate towards anyone, so please don’t send us anything racists or inflammatory. Once again, this is about the policies and morality of the Zionist state of Israel.. and YOUR freedom to support (or not) what they do. – Editor

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I want to add something to the comments by JWalt. I found this item interesting:

“To be kosher, cows must be younger than 30 months. Dairy cows are never used. Kosher laws preclude using a stun gun or a bullet to the brain, which could scatter brain and nerve tissue (a source of mad cow disease). The animal must be hand-slaughtered by slitting its neck. Religious inspectors look for signs of broken bones, disease or scarred or punctured organs, which disqualify the animal. Downer cattle are never used, and about only 40% of healthy cattle qualify as kosher. Meat can be taken from only the forequarters; it is then soaked and salted to draw out the blood.”

“Kosher poultry cannot show any signs of being pecked, sick or injured. The birds are killed with a slit to the neck, allowing the blood to drain out. They’re never plunged into hot water (a theoretical source of bacterial contamination), but are washed in cold water before being soaked, salted and washed again. Experts in the koshering process say the extensive use of salt helps kill bacteria.”

This is from The LA Times.


The kosher trade — the good, the bad and the ugly

The latest chapter in this story has emerged in America’s remote mid west in Postville, Iowa, where Agriprocessors, the nation’s biggest kosher slaughterhouse serving millions of kosher consumers, is based — a little island of Orthodox Judaism on the Prairie, where cowboy hats have been replaced by the broad rim black hats of the good ‘ole Haredi (strictly orthodox) boys.

But this unique meeting of the Old West with a distinct community that had travelled, via New York, from the lost world of Jewish eastern Europe — once celebrated as a 21st century cultural fusion — backfired in May when government agents suddenly raided the Postville plant and arrested 389 allegedly undocumented employees.

They were said to be impoverished illegals from Central America and, particularly shocking, were claims by state officials that dozens of underage workers were employed there in violation of child labour laws. Agriprocessors has denied any wrongdoing.

Now, rabbis are at each others throat over the new allegations involving Postville plant, spurring calls by some Jews demanding that food companies be judged not just by the purity of their products but by their business conduct.

The debate spurred by alleged labour conditions at Agriprocessors, has aggravated old, and not so old, tensions in the Jewish world — between Orthodox and non-Orthodox, Modern Orthodox and traditional, those who want Jews to close ranks and those who want to open up debate.

“How can you sit at your table and eat a product packaged by a pregnant woman who has been standing on her feet all day?” asked Rabbi Morris Allen of Minnesota. He is developing a certification initiative — a “hekhsher tzedek,” or “certificate of righteousness” — that aims to protect workers and the environment in the kosher industry.

Many Jews are embarrassed and angered by the allegations and, along with some religious leaders, are rethinking what it means to be certified kosher.


Defenders of kosher ritual slaughter claim it’s more humane and abrogates unnecessary cruelty, but it’s really a dirty business dressed up with poetic symbolism. Really, all abattoirs and slaughterhouses — kosher, halal, whatever — are vile places, and its just denial not to admit that the animals sent to die within the blood-splattered walls, experience a levels of fear and terror.

Shouldn’t such suffering be deemed ‘treif’? Meanwhile, the consumption of meat is bad for the environment and health-wise not great either. Interestingly, The Seventh-day Adventist Church has angled in this direction. They are Christians with a distinct Old Testament/Torah leaning and expect adherence to the kosher laws in Leviticus 11. But, they go further advocating a vegetarian-based health message and, as a result, its followers have the greatest longevity of any group in the USA.

So the message seems to be don’t eat meat: live longer, live better.

Really, I don’t care about the health benefits of kosher food. From what I’ve read it is a blatant scam and, as you reported, even so-called “Kosher” hotdogs are not really kosher. The concern I have is that this is being done without my consent and the money is going to Zionist religious organizations. They say, and they always use this word, it is “minuscule”… so prove it! Let’s have one example from a major food company, a real figure of exactly what the costs are. Then we can decide for ourselves.

By failing to reveal the expense of the kosher tax on the products we regularly buy, there is the strong suspicion that it is a significant amount. Each time I fill the grocery basket or cart for my family — how much am I promoting the ill treatment of the Palestinians through Zionist capital? I want to know- damn it! I’m angry.


I wouldn’t mind paying some organization to give me peace of mind that my food was clean and sanitary. I’d pay for that happily. But if that money went to a country who oppressed the Palestinians, stockpiled nuclear weapons and then tried to engage America in another war of convenience for their own benefit then I would object. And I do object.


Good information that the rest of the goyim (cattle) need – but are jes tooooooo stooopid to do anything about it I’m afraid. o.O

[but let us hope that it will change with the unstoppable bombardment of truth]


If the kosher tax comprises 1% of the cost of Koshered food, that means they collect 15 billion year if my lopping off of zeros was correct.


Those symbols are on everything! Wow. How did that happen? How do they get away with this?Thanks for the heads up.


Great article. I see that the official stance is to call criticism of the kosher tax an anti-Semitic “canard” (i.e. hoax) but where is the hoax? Everything seems to be absolutely true as far as I have been able to tell. And just try and get a business to tell you how much they paid (and charged to the consumer) and you will meet with fear and double talk.

I read where some people in Canada went so far as to claim the kosher tax as a deduction on their income tax — as a donation to a religious organization! But without an accurate account of the charges it would be near impossible to do in the United Kosher States of America!

Really, what happened to this country in the last few decades? Is it the kosher fluoride in our water that has made us so gullible and easy prey for these vultures? Really! Why does “anti-American” not have the same impact as “anti-Semitic”? What’s happened to us as a country?


Don’t fret viewzone. Your message is getting out loud and clear. These people have controlled the (1) entertainment business and media; (2) the banking and financial institutions and the (3) political system – 1-2-3- the “triangle” of control over Amerika. Just look where they live in the USA — New York City, Washington CD and Hollywood. But we are waking up to it. Watch your back, viewzone. Watch your back Geraldo!


Not sure if you have seen this but boxing star Miguel Cotto wears a kosher tattoo on his right shoulder along with other satanic and tribal tattoos… For good luck? Hmmm.


Right on Peep33….I second everything you said…I could not have said it better… I would add “If you read it here you know it has been well researched” Great site.


Hello Viewzone. I want to make a comment. YouTube is owned by Google, the people who supply the ad banners that you felt afraid to post on this page. I understand that. But I just read that Google refused to take down the film “Innocence of Muslims” because they said it did not violate their terms and conditions and they hailed “free speech” and all that. So my question is this: Why can someone post insulting depictions of Mohammed, claim he is pedophile and womanizer, totally speak hatefully about Islam… and then you cannot post an article about Jewish kosher business practices without fear of reprisal from Google? Something is really really wrong here. Please enlighten me.


What are the legal ramifications, e.g. truth in labeling? Shouldn’t the little kosher symbols be much larger and fully explained (what Bible texts are used to grant a “U”, or a “K”, or any other sign) to the unsuspecting consumer?

How can atheists protect themselves from unwittingly supporting religion? Isn’t this a First Amendment right: the Separation of Church and Plate? Those who don’t consider the FDA reliable enough, let them buy kosher, by all means. The rest should have an equal chance not to.


Thank you for the article on the Kosher food tax. Yes! A real shocker. Especially going through the kitchen the next day . . . here’s some info from remote Ireland :

ORGANIC Madascar Bourbon VANILLA EXTRACT — Nielsen-Massey Vanillas, Int, Leeuwarden, NL.

“cRc” in a pyramid with “KOSHER” at the base with a number below that and an “R” in a circle (registered?) next to the pyramid — available at health and whole food stores.

TATE+LYLE Fairtrade(!) CANE sugars– brown, icing, caster etc . . . — Tate & Lyle, PO Box 5050, Notts, NG15 ODJ

A “K” with an extended right foot underneath a roof-type glyph, with the letters “LBD”, or “LBD-P” next to the “K” — available at Lidl chain stores, although, gratefully, it seems that the Lidl brand products are free from any insignia, that we can tell, though our purchases are limited to whole ingredients, no processed foodstuffs . . .

What we buy from the Supervalu chain appears to be free of the insignia . . .

(Pics have been taken of the icons, but not to hand right now, will have to follow in another email.) Makes me aware of how much we are still not seeing, not for want of studying everything meticulously. Greetings!


Shining New Light on the Kosher Scam

by Bob Johnson

First published at Veterans Today

The Jewish umbrella group, which includes the world’s largest kosher certification company, the Orthodox Union, is having serious internal leadership problems. The problems are allowing Gentiles to get a much better glimpse of just how the secretive organization is ripping them off through their very profitable kosher scam.

The Jewish Week reports, “Several OU lay and professional staff members say there is ‘chaos’ and a leadership vacuum at the Orthodox umbrella group that has prompted Harvey Blitz, a former president, to challenge the group’s current president, Simcha Katz, who is seeking another term.”

Rabbi Steven Burg who is the director of the Orthodox Union’s Jewish youth group, National Conference of Synagogue Youth, said, “There is chaos within our leadership. We are a multimillion-dollar organization with no chief professional at the helm.”

The secretive Jewish organization is estimated to bring in over $20 million annually, much, if not most, of which is generated by selling the “right” to put their kosher label which is a U (it can be either standing alone or inside of a circle) to not only food companies but also to manufacturers of products ranging from tin foil to soap and shampoo to plastic sandwich bags. The companies pay the rabbis for the use of their kosher symbol and then pass that overhead cost on to their customers, you and me. That is how Gentiles end up putting cash in the pockets of rabbis. And, sadly, most Gentiles are not even aware of this kosher scam which is picking their pockets.

The kosher scam is often defended as being harmless. has a page which does this. They take issue with the scam being called a “tax.” Technically they are right, it is not a tax since it is not a government agency charging the extra cash. However, it is without question a hugely profitable scam for rabbis at the expense of Gentiles. The only way for the rabbis to continue it without it being a scam is to have the cashiers at the grocery stores ask each customer if they’d like to donate an additional 1 cent to 10 cents or more per item that will then be given to the rabbis who will keep some for themselves and use the rest to promote Judaism. (The kosher article has a factual error which is that it claims the money the rabbis take in by selling the right to use their kosher symbols is only used to keep the business going and to pay the rabbis for their services [which is bad enough since the bulk of the money is from unsuspecting Gentiles] and that none of the money flows “off into some special Jewish fund used to advance Zionist causes.”  The Orthodox Union openly brags about using its considerable amounts of cash to promote Judaism and their own logo contains the slogan “Enhancing Jewish Life”! [they should add “At the expense of Gentiles!”].)

One of the programs of the Orthodox Union is Mashiv Haruach, a joint project of the Orthodox Union and the Israeli Defense Forces! The OU article about this Zionism promoting program which is in its 12th year is entitled, “Mashiv Haruach: Deepening Israeli Soldiers’ Connection to Judaism and to the Land.” This program makes it very, very clear that the article is profoundly factually wrong in falsely claiming money taken from largely unsuspecting Gentiles through the kosher scam does not go into some Jewish fund used to advance Zionist causes.”

We all need to take action to awaken our fellow Gentiles and non-religious Jews who would not knowingly give money to promote Judaism and Zionism! Free Deism leaflets are a great way to do this! Here’s a link to the Deism leaflets page and here is a link (PDF) to the leaflet “Protect Your Pocketbook and Your Dignity” and here’s a link (PDF) to the leaflet “Bible Fowls” which addresses the foolish Judaism claim that God talked about four-legged fowl, etc. in Leviticus.

When we stop and think about this kosher scam and realize that millions of dollars they take from unaware Gentiles is being used to promote Judaism, we must objectively examine Judaism. Objectively examining Judaism shows us we are financing our own destruction as Judaism is full of teachings which promote Jewish superiority over Gentiles. For example, it teaches that God promotes the idea of Jews owning Gentiles and our children as slaves “for ever” (Leviticus 25:44-46), that any nation that will not serve Israel “shall perish; yea, those nations shall be utterly wasted” (Isaiah 60:12) among many other disgusting and ungodly teachings.

Below are some of the images the kosher organizations use to mark products kosher. Become familiar with them and try to avoid purchasing any products that have any of these symbols on them. And please educate your family and friends about this dangerous expensive scam.

Kosher Animal Cruelty


‘Captive Jews,’ Animal Abuse, and the Kosher Food Racket

Agriprocessors plant in Postville, Iowa. Photo take in 2008 after the raid.
What you’re about to read and view will perhaps offer some interesting perspectives on Jewish criminality and tribal identity.

Five years ago, federal authorities raided a kosher slaughterhouse and meatpacking plant in the town of Postville, Iowa over a practice of hiring undocumented immigrants (presumably at slave wages) and supplying them with phony identity papers. Several management level employees at the plant were convicted of federal labor law violations. Charges were filed against plant owner Aaron Rubashkin, though later dismissed, however, his son, plant CEO Sholom Rubashkin, ended up being convicted on 86 counts of financial fraud, including bank fraud and money laundering, and sentenced to 27 years in prison.

The raid on Agriprocessors Inc. took place on May 12, 2008. In addition to arresting plant management, authorities also took into custody 389 undocumented immigrants, including 31 children. Agriprocessors plants have been cited for violations of child labor laws and the “recruitment of illegal immigrants and inducing them to work in often dangerous conditions at illegal wages.” In addition to treating its workforce shoddily, the Postville plant was also exposed for animal cruelty in an undercover video filmed by PETA (see below).

Israeli Rabbi Ovadia Yosef has compared non-Jews to donkeys, and it’s interesting to note that what we have contained here in the Postville story are abuses against both cows and Gentiles, all taking place in one Jewish-owned plant.

The Rubashkin family are members of the Lubavitcher branch of ultra-orthodox Hasidic Judaism, and perhaps to no surprise, the Chabad Lubavitch movement began making efforts on Sholom Rubashkin’s behalf almost from the start. In an article published December 31, 2008, the JTA reported that Chabad members had formed a committee to support Rubashkin’s legal defense.

“We are a group of guys who, No. 1, are looking to help Rubashkin get out on bail,” committee member Rabbi Shea Hecht told JTA. “And No. 2, to voice our concern because we believe that much of this attack is not just an attack on the Rubashkin family and Agriprocessors, but it’s really an attack on kosher food. And it’s questionable if it’s one step beyond that — an attack on Jews.”

Sholom Rubashkin

Members of other Orthodox organizations, including National Council of Young Israel and Agudath Israel of America, were said to be involved in the effort as well. But there was a problem. Rubashkin was deemed a flight risk by prosecutors, who cited Israel’s Law of Return granting Jews automatic citizenship, and as well as the fact that authorities found a travel bag with money, silver coins, and passports in his home.

But perhaps the most interesting information comes in the story’s very final paragraph:


A leading figure in the Chabad-Lubavitch movement, Hecht serves on the board of the National Committee for the Furtherance of Jewish Education, which is supporting the Rubashkin effort through an existing fund for the redemption of Jewish captives — a mitzvah known as pidyon shvuyim.


The owners of this kosher abattoir were apparently exploiting, among other things, the labor of illegal immigrants, but it seems Rubashkin’s supporters viewed him as a “Jewish captive.” Interesting. And what is a “Jewish captive”? The JTA doesn’t bother explaining, but we can go here and read an article entitled “Ransoming Captive Jews,” by Rabbi David Golinkin, that gives us a fairly clear picture:


Anyone who surveys this topic historically is struck by the fact that many thousands of Jews were captured and held for ransom throughout Jewish history and that Jewish communities went to extraordinary lengths to redeem captives.

Indeed, the Talmud (Bava Batra 8b) calls pidyon shvuyim a “mitzvah rabbah” (great mitzvah) and says that captivity is worse than starvation and death.

Maimonides rules that he who ignores ransoming a captive is guilty of transgressing commandments such as “you shall not harden your heart” (Deuteronomy 15:7); “you shall not stand idly by the blood of your brother” (Leviticus 19:16); and “you shall love your neighbor as yourself” (Leviticus 19:18).

And one who delays in ransoming a captive is considered like a murderer (Yoreh Deah 252:3). Indeed, Maimonides himself wrote letters exhorting his fellow Jews to redeem captives and collected money for pidyon shvuyim.


It would probably, then, be fair to say (although I’m sure Rabbi Golonkin would disagree with me), that the concept of “Jewish captives” and the “mitzvah” pertaining to them arise out of the age-old Jewish persecution complex. Even in a country like America, with a federal government thoroughly dominated by the pro-Israel lobby, Jews suffer persecution. It is self-evident, isn’t it? A Jew might be violating federal laws, exploiting the labor of children, forging identity papers for illegal immigrants, mistreating animals, laundering money and committing acts of financial fraud, but if he is arrested the only possible explanation can be that he is suffering persecution because he’s a Jew.

According to Wikipedia, the majority of the immigrants working at the plant at the time of the raid were Mayan indigenous people from Guatemala, and there seems to have been an effort to lay the blame on the workers’ doorstep.

“Obviously some of the people here were presenting false documents,” Getzel Rubashkin, a grandson of Aaron Rubashkin, who also held a position at the plant, was quoted as saying. “Immigration authorities somehow picked it up and they did what they are supposed to do, they came and picked them up. God bless them for it.”

A somewhat different perspective on Agriprocessors was expressed by Iowa Governor Chet Culver in 2008 after the raid:


Before the federal raid, Agriprocessors already had a history of sanctions by Iowa’s state regulatory agencies for water pollution, as well as health and safety law violations. Alarming information about working conditions at the Postville plant – including allegations ranging from the use of child labor in prohibited jobs to sexual and physical abuse by supervisors; from the nonpayment of regular and overtime wages to the denial of immediate medical attention for workplace injuries – brought to national attention by the raid forces me to believe that, in contrast to our state’s overall economic-development strategy, this company’s owners have deliberately chosen to take the low road in its business practices.


In September of 2009, just as Sholom Rubashkin was about to go to trial, Chabad held a special day of prayer on the defendant’s behalf, but apparently God wasn’t listening. Rubashkin was convicted in November of that year. It didn’t seem to deter Chabad. In March of 2011, students at a Chabad school in Brooklyn adopted prisoner Rubashkin as their pen pal.

In June of this year a new angle on the Postville story was reported by the TV show Frontline, which alleged that widespread sexual harassment has taken place at agricultural operations in the US, including at the Agriprocessors plant. According to Wikipedia:


Supervisory personnel, usually themselves Hispanic as are the victims, rely on fear of both loss of employment and deportation as well as on ignorance of potential sources of help in order to take sexual advantage of unwilling undocumented female workers with impunity. Victims, seeing law enforcement personnel as the people who will arrest and deport them, do not tend to report these incidents. Some of the victims are only in their mid-teens. The documentary claimed that this sort of thing had been going on in a particularly vicious fashion at the Agriprocessors plant in Postville. When the plant was raided by ICE, there was apparently no organized effort by authorities to investigate such allegations. The documentary also pointed out that although there have been some limited successful civil lawsuits against employers for sexual harassment of employees by the federal Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, there have as of yet been no criminal prosecutions of actual perpetrators. This lack of prosecution includes cases in which numerous different women have provided complaints, including for actual rape, against a specific supervisor.


All of this I mention sort of as a roundabout way of introducing the following article by Ariadna Theokopoulos on the kosher food racket. It should be pointed out that the Rubashkins were not minor bit players in the kosher industry. On the contrary. A 2011 article at the New York Daily News refers to Sholom Rubashkin as the “kosher king,” while an article at Wikipedia calls the Rubashkin family a “kosher meat dynasty.” I don’t know if the Postville operation was/is representative of the industry as a whole, but all of this is worth keeping in mind as you read Ariadna’s very informative article.


The Kosher Ripoff of the American People

By Ariadna Theokopoulos

The Jewish Chronicle reports with pride that the business of stamping food “kosher” in the US has recorded a profit of approximately $1.8 million. That represents reported profit alone, not income, which implies that in addition to that it has sucked in from food manufacturers and distributors an undisclosed amount in “expenses,” primarily salaries of the army of “inspectors,” who are actually the bagmen of the organized kosher stamp racket.

Actually the food manufacturers and distributors paying this para-governmental tax on their products only pass it on to the consumers. Therefore what the kosher certification represents is a grand scale ripoff of the American people, who a long time ago revolted because of a tax on tea….

In a style reminiscent of the Mafia protection racket, the American branch of the United Synagogue Kashrut Department demands that food manufacturers/distributors have their large consumption products certified as kosher.

Why do Americans need kosher-proofed  food? Not only do they not need it, most do not even have a clue of the existence of this private tax on their food. In fact most of the “twopercenters,” consumers of cheeseburgers and shrimp do not need it either but they keep mum about this tax imposed upon the whole nation for the profit of the international kosher racket. Companies, which pass the cost to consumers, know better than to complain or refuse, from giants like Coca Cola to smaller organic produce wholesalers.

Americans are brain-washed to believe the kosher foods are better for everybody because they are of higher quality and because Jews “answer to a ‘higher authority’

There are more than 80 kosher symbols in the United States. Each represents a kosher certification organization that checks food manufacturers to ensure they follow halachic requirement, then sends a letter of certification.

Here are only a few examples:

• The symbol for the Union of Orthodox Jewish Congregations, or O/U, is a capital U inside a circle. The O/U certifies more than 500,000 products throughout the world—including Coca-Cola, Cargill and Procter & Gamble, making it the most recognizable kosher symbol in the world.

• The symbol for Star-K Certification and Quality Assurance International is a capital K inside a five-point star. Due to the growing international demand for both kosher and organic food, they say, meaning, due to this growing market recognized potential for ripoff, Star-K certifies that food is both kosher and organic.

• In addition to symbols, there are other Kashrus (Jewish dietary laws) designations:
D: Dairy: DE: Dairy Equipment (does not contain dairy but still cannot be eaten with meat);
P: Passover (meets kosher standards year-round, including for Passover): Pareve: Non-dairy and non-meat: Chalav Yisrael: Contains kosher-supervised milk.

The organized kosher racket is so huge it now extends beyond food. The organization aptly called Kosher Supervision of America – the American branch of the international extortion racket — proudly describes itself thus:

Kosher Supervision of America is a not-for-profit Kashrus certification agency recognized by rabbinical associations throughout the world. KSA is the largest, recognized and accepted, Orthodox kosher certification agency based in the western United States. We enjoy the support and cooperation of thousands of synagogues and rabbis representing hundreds of thousands of kosher consumers.

Servicing hotel chains, supermarket chains, food manufacturers, food packers & distributors, restaurants, caterers, independent grocers and bakeries, the KSA symbol can be found on grocery store shelves across the nation and around the world.

Given this glimpse of the extent of the shakedown we may take with a grain of salt the modestly reported profit in the Jewish Chronicle article below. In fact the estimates of the ripoff  are on an altogether different scale:

In 1960 there were only 225 companies paying the kosher food tax. This jumped to 475 in 1966 and 800 by 1975. Jewish promoters of kosher labeling say there now has been a “kosher food explosion” today with over 16,000 products now paying rabbinical organizations for their “stamp of kosher approval.” Kosher products retail sales today amount to $30 billion a year according to “The Chicago Jewish Sentinel” of July 7, 1988.

Note: In the year 2000, this is now a trillion dollar racketeering scheme, in which every nation on Earth pays the KOSHER TAX.

Orthodox Jewish organizations have copyrighted certain symbols which only they can use. The giant in the business is “The Union of Orthodox Jewish Congregations” which issues the “U” imprint. They service some 1,200 companies or about 80% of the business. They employ nearly 600 rabbis as part-time “checkers.” This is twice as many as ten years ago. The next largest is Rabbi Bernard Levy’s “Committee For The Furtherance of Torah Observance” which uses the “K” symbol.

Canadian Kosher products are stamped with the letters “COR” which stands for “Council of Orthodox Rabbis”. This is a front group for the powerful Canadian Jewish Congress, which actually receives all the money from this tax. The Jews in Canada are so united they do not allow any competition which is not the case in the U.S. Here a number of Orthodox rabbis have split away from the major groups to go into the kosher racket for themselves. (Why split easy money with the higher ups?) Note: This is not just a problem in the UnitedStates and Canada. All nations with an Orthodox Jewish population are being extorted this way. .. Due to NAFTA, Mexico is flooded with this problem. 100 Million Mexicans, mostly Catholic, have to pay tribute to Jews in this manner.”


Food for Thought: US Makes £1.2m on Kashrut

source: The Jewish Chronicle

The United Synagogue’s kashrut department has helped to boost the organisation’s coffers by recording a significantly higher than expected surplus last year.

Its profit of nearly £1.2 million in 2012 was close to £400,000 more than had been budgeted for, US council members heard on Monday.

Richard Taylor, the new US operations and finance director, said the kashrut department was “signing up many more factories across the world” for supervising products.

Overall, the US managed to increase its reserves from £72 million to £75 million last year — most of which is vested in synagogue buildings and other properties.

US president Stephen Pack said the accounts were in a “sound state” and represented a “huge turnaround” from 15 years ago when banks were “itchy” about the level of borrowings.

Alan Taylor, head of the audit committee, which scrutinises spending, found “no serious problem that worries me when I go to bed”.

But he was concerned that 26 of the 43 US constituent synagogues operated at a combined deficit of £500,000 last year — with some big communities running a deficit of up to £80,000.

A “very high number” of deficit synagogues were declining communities, Mr Pack explained. “We think we have an obligation in the US for the larger and better off communities to support some of the smaller and less well off communities, some of which are coming to the end of their days.”

While the US has built up its reserves, it has some bills ahead — loans of £2.85 million on the Chief Rabbi’s current Hamilton Terrace residence are due to be repaid before the end of next year.

Mr Pack also appealed to synagogues to send the full complement of representatives to the Board of Deputies to which they were entitled. “If we want to have a say in the Board of Deputies, then we need to punch our weight,” he said.

The US is planning to hold regular meetings of deputies who represent its synagogues.

Mr Pack also reported having “a very good meeting with my colleagues in the Federation and Spanish and Portuguese -— and in due course we may well include those [deputies] as well.”


The following comes from a Wikipedia article on the so-called “kosher” slaughtering of animals:


The Hebrew term shechita (anglicized: /ʃəxˈtɑː/; Hebrew: שחיטה ‎, [ʃχiˈta]), also transliterated shehitah, shechitah, shehita, is the ritual slaughter of mammals and birds for food according to Jewish dietary laws (Deut. 12:21, Deut. 14:21, Num. 11:22) The animal must be killed “with respect and compassion[1][2] by a shochet (Hebrew: שוחט ‎, “ritual slaughterer”), a religious Jew who is duly licensed and trained. The act is performed by severing the trachea, esophagus, carotid arteries, jugular veins and vagus nerve in a swift action using an extremely sharp blade (“chalef”) only by a qualified shochet. This results in a rapid drop in blood pressure in the brain and loss of consciousness. According to Jewish religious sources, the animal is now insensible to pain and exsanguinates in a prompt and precise action.[

And now, as promised, here’s the PETA video. In 2004, a PETA investigator went undercover at the Agriprocessors plant in Postville. This is some of what he/she saw.