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pork_rocksDid you know that you pay for a religious surcharge “tax” on most groceries you buy every day? Here’s why you didn’t know about it, and it’s not your fault.

The kosher “tax” fee is purposely obscured by the perpetrators of the religious “tax” scam. The fee is added to the cost of your groceries without you knowing it. Why? Because less than 2 percent of the population want the religious service. You don’t believe it?

Okay, try thiscan0002s easy test on your coffee shop friends. Ask them: “What does ‘COR 185D‘ mean in the tiny circle on Tim Horton’s butter?” (Answer: Not one person will know, yet it’s hidden in plain sight!)

Remember, you are paying extra (to a religious outfit) for this little obscure symbol. What if it’s not your religion? What if you are not religious? Why should you pay for someone’s religious beliefs? Good questions and we answer them here.

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